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17 May 2019 Public sector

Music licensing bodies, PRS for Music and PPL needed to make music licensing much simpler. For example to use, “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston required separate licences from two different organisations.  Now, with the help of a new cloud-first IT strategy and modern workplace, getting a licence is much simpler.


savings on software licensing


cheaper office space

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A cloud first, modern workplace

In a new joint Head Office in Leicester, we designed and built a 360-degree collaborative, modern workplace in the Cloud. In an empty shell of a building we built their entire infrastructure from scratch. This included a robust Managed Services IaaS, Office 365, Secure Networking and WAN connectivity, LAN, WiFi, Hardware plus ongoing Support Services.

CANCOM were a lot more willing to go above-and-beyond in the investment of effort and time to understand the challenges our organisation had. We now have the highly redundant solution in the Cloud we need.


A seamless customer experience

Previously teams were siloed and often worked in isolation. Now, cloud-based collaboration tools have brought them much closer together. Furthermore, not only do employees understand the technology, they can clearly see the benefits.

Teams is THE central hub for collaboration. It provides a secure, highly reliable platform to exchange ideas and have inter-departmental conversations. Automatic call routing helps employees answer the right calls when they need to. In summary, anyone can now do their best work, from wherever they are.

As a result, the customer experience has been greatly streamlined. Plus mobile field-based sales teams now access data and devices on-the-go, from any device.

This cloud-first approach has delivered savings too. For example, our Microsoft CSP status helped deliver 44% savings compared to their previous CAPEX model. And with the help of Enterprise Voice via a Cloud PBX, telephony costs are also lower.

We also helped their IT team understand best practice with robust knowledge sharing and access to our Microsoft Fast Track resources.

CANCOM were selected for their innovative, flexible and scalable cloud solution for a complex set of needs. We’re now digitally ready, for anything

Mark Douglas, Chief Technology Officer for PPL

This leading player in the music industry now has the infrastructure to scale and adapt as the industry continues to evolve at a blisteringly fast pace.

solution overview

Design, build and support for a 360-degree workplace transformation

Listen to Mark Douglas, CTO at PPL PRS in this video discuss how our work has been assisting them create a modern workplace for their customers and employees:  

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