Moving to a modern workplace.

There are many benefits from moving to a modern workplace, but at the heart of all of them is a better customer experience. For both your internal workforce customers and your external customers. As with most IT projects it’s about starting with the right foundations and building from there.

Enabling a business to move from being a secure workplace to a collaborative workplace; then from an intelligent workplace to a connected workplace.


We’ve helped plan and deliver modern workplaces to a broad range of different businesses and sectors – from Central Government to NHS trusts, from manufacturing and construction to legal and retail. All our customers have benefited from being able to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, collaboratively and securely.

Our complete, intelligent solution, empowers employees to be creative and to work together by:

  • Laying the right foundation with Windows 10 + Office 365 + Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • Building a complete end-to-end solution including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, BI, AI and the full Microsoft Azure IoT suite
  • Enabling the Change Management process by delivering and supporting user adoption and training
  • Combined to ensure an outstanding customer experience. All in the hands of your employees, to make the exceptional become commonplace.

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  • Protect your business by moving to Windows 10 and securing your applications and data. With Windows 7 going end of life in 2020 failure to move to the latest platform will also expose your business to potential GDPR data breaches.
  • Attract and retain talent through a better employee experience. Deliver 4x more average profit and 2x revenue from your engaged, empowered workforce.* [*Jacob Morgan research 2017, Gartner analyst]
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity with reduced spend on IT and 3rd party licenses, and increased collaboration, accessibility and efficiency driven by an intelligent and connected workplace.
  • Reduce operational overheads and complexity by adopting a modern, evergreen architecture set up to support a modern business working style.


Working closely with Microsoft, CANCOM has developed a methodology to help you successfully migrate to Windows 10 and provide a management framework for the Windows 365 Modern Workplace. All aimed at helping you realise the multiple benefits of moving to modern, whilst minimising the risks.

Understand our approach to service delivery approach

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Using our knowledge, experience and robust, proven approach, we’ll help plan the best way to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. If you need to get to an outcome faster with a more standardised approach, we can help get you there. Our goal is to deliver some initial rapid change to help you get started quickly, alongside developing a longer term, strategic plan.

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Delivering better outcomes
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